Nov 15, 2010

Vue Privée: The Affordable Art Fair

My truth about art: “I’m not quite sure what it means. But I know when it looks good.”

And I like the images from Vue Privée. It’s one of the many art galleries at The Affordable Art Fair. And its key niche is photography and art-related photography.  According to founder Olivier Henry, the gallery was as result of a dream: “to create an exciting platform for artists and collectors to share their love and passion”.

I like good-looking photographs. The kind that tells a story of more than 10,000 words.

Craig Redman_TheSkyIsBlack
The Sky Is Black by Craig Redman | Gallery: Vue Privée

This post contains additional material that I couldn’t fit into an article for CNNGo (5 galleries to visit at the Affordable Art Fair).

What is your gallery all about?

I created Vue Privée 12 years after moving to Singapore. I am a professional photographer from France, and I wanted to expand my love and passion of photography and towards the arts in general to a wider public.

Why take part in the Affordable Art Fair?

We believe that art should be accessible to a wider audience, not only to the elitist. There is a huge gap in the art world for beginning and young collectors.

Beside buying art museum posters, there is only fine art gallery works that are available for art aficionados. These works usually cost 1,000s of dollars. We wanted to fill that gap by creating museum-quality photographs and photography-inspired artworks in editions of 100. Hence making them more accessible to a wider audience.

We believe in democratizing art and that everyone should be able to own at least one original piece of art, numbered and signed, in their home. The AAF seemed to be the obvious platform for us to launch our new venture.

Les 7 pe¦üche¦üs capitaux
Les 7 pelücheüs capitaux by Olivier Henry | Galley: Vue Privée

Wouldn’t selling an art cheaply devalue it?

There is no cheap art, there is just art. The monetary value attached to an artwork is not necessarily an expression of its intrinsic worth. Something bought today for $200 from a new or emerging artist could be worth $10,000 in the future if the artist becomes a sensation.

The value of the work should first be the value it holds in the person's heart and how that person connects to it. At the end of the day, one should only buy art because he or she is in love with the art piece first.

Which artwork do you admire?

I would admire any artwork that triggers an immediate response from the heart.

It sounds clichéd, but one should not even have to consider to buy a piece that he or she does not fall in love with at first sight.

An art piece that creates inner passion is a wonderful opportunity to share with friends and family as the collector would feel excited when talking about their new possession.

Vue Privée

Where: 20 Cairnhill Road
Tel: +65 6339 6271

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