Nov 11, 2010

Music: Shirlyn Tan of The UnXpected

I first saw Shirlyn Tan at Wala Wala (31 Lorong Mambong). She was a slip of a girl with colourful streaks in her hair. She sauntered to the stage in slippers, slipped the guitar strap over her head, ohhh…how she riffed that guitar.

Her voice was earth and soul akin to Alannah Myles on Black Velvet. That night Rock (of the Jon Bon Jovi breed) wasn’t dead. And here’s hoping that it never does – at least when Rock chic Shirlyn’s up on stage.

Music: Shirlyn Tan of UnXpectedPhoto by Shirlyn Tan

This post contains additional material that I couldn’t fit into an article for CNNGo (5 great live music acts in Singapore).

How did you get started in the pub circuit?

I am a fan of live music and I used to follow a few bands for their gigs. I got the opportunity to start gigging in the now defunct Off Quay when I watched a guitarist play and asked him if we could jam together.

What’s the best thing when performing?

Getting the crowd to move with the music!

The worst?

A flying beer mug barely missed me when a fight broke out midway through my gig!

Walk Away by UnXpected

Your thoughts on your audience

What an eclectic bunch of people! Young or old, they really love the music we play, which is why we keep at it. The music that we play hardly gets any airtime on the radio but we choose the best that we can offer and love to share it.

Your fans say?

Mostly good things, I hope. It's nice when they come up and tell me the memories that the songs bring back, and how they relate to the music.

Where does she play?
  • Thursdays & Saturdays at Wala Wala -- Shirlyn & The UnXpected
  • Friday at Barstop (Devonshire Road) -- Ren & Shirlyn
All I wanna do is make love to you–UnXpected

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