Nov 10, 2010

Five trucks to fix a telephone cable

My internet’s been wonky for the last month. Turns out that it’s the fault of an external cable that runs from under the paved road to University Road.

It took five calls, a whole bunch of fixit and maintenance men, five SingTel trucks, and a stoppage in the middle for them to investigate an underground cable…and I don’t even know if the problem’s going to be solved yet.


But such a large turnout for a wear-and-tear problem?

That’s just massively cool.  Kudos to the guys on making our cables reliable for Facebook, Email, and of course porn (Work comes in a close fourth).



Update: After three hours, five friends, opening lobangs [manholes], and threading a cable under the paved road. They’ve fixed it! I got my phoneline back! W00t! Thanks cable guys…that was great work!

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