Nov 5, 2010

Of Wanderlust: Out into the world again

Brad Newsham, author of "Take Me With You: A Round-the-World Journey to Invite a Stranger Home", wrote that he would get home from a travelling stint, get a job and live the routine life…for a while.

After years of it, he’d get antsy and bothered and cranky; so much so that he knew that it was time to get out into the world again. 

It’s like that now.

I’ve written/videoed/social-media-ed freelance  for over a year now. I’ve been a travel writer, magazine writer, website writer, social media dude, and video guy. I love the challenges that come my way, and marrying technology with creative editorial and images.

On Wanderlust: Beginning to trip trhough
From Travelpod

But despite it all, life has gotten humdrum.

I wake, I shuffle to toilet, and typpity-type stories into my computer three inches from the toilet door. It’s gotten so much so that I’m antsy and uncharitable towards other human beans (sorry…beings), and somehow blunted my creative edge.

Friends say that it’s my natural state to be anti-social and cranky. It’s hard to deny that when I visible seethe in a slow-moving queue held up by nincompoops.

But the last time I was out in the world, I was calmer, less angsty, and more accepting. And that to find home, you have to sometimes leave home.

So I’m getting on the road again, getting out on my own with a backpack and potbelly for touring companions.

Come November & December, I’ll be out and about in wintery Beijing (to work to work; hie ho, hie ho), scampering on Taiwanese railways, yum-singing at a wedding and dozing on some island in Hong Kong, then back to Singapore.

Yes, it’s about time that I’m out in the world…again.

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