Nov 30, 2010

Burger Gargantuan: Butcher’s Steakhouse

Last night in Beijing. Train ticket to Fuzhou; ready. Stories; edited. Time for dinner.

But nothing like this. And never again.

Butcher’s Steakhouse at Sanlitun north exit serves meats carved straight by the butcher. Its main claim to fame lies not in the quality of the meats, but in its size.

DSCN0080 (768x1024)
Butcher’s Burger

In particular, the Butcher’s Burger (138 yuan): a 5-lb monster with 1,000g meat patties, half a lettuce, 4 fried eggs, and plenty of other vegetables for a well-rounded meal (more like a day’s worth for most families!).

One can only blame an opportunistic and sadistic turn of mind when the owner created this challenge -- wolf it all down in 2 hours, the burger’s free and your name gets penned in on the wall of fame.

DSCN0082 (1024x768)
Butcher’s Burger in relation to a normal burger

I and Natalie’s boyfriend, Luke, tried. Oh how we tried. We dived and cut with gusto. Our lips smacked of onion stains and sesame seed buns, while our teeth gnashed at  the crispy lettuce and tore apart meat and runny eggs.

DSCN0083 (1024x768)
What’s inside it.

We went on and on for half a burger. No mean feat in itself. Our jaws ached from all that chewing. We had come, sawed, and munched, but we were ultimately conquered by this monstrosity.

My ego had taken a beating, and I’ll never make it on their wall of fame. But the Butcher’s Burger had certainly achieved its aim: to stuff, to fill, fare thee well hunger, and hello Peptide.

DSCN0084 (1024x768)
End game: Dissected in despair

Advice: Go with friends. Share the damn burger and remember to starve for a day and night prior…longer if you can.

DSCN0087 (1024x768)
The Butcher Burger’s Wall of Fame

Butcher’s Steakhouse

Add: 8 Dongzhimen Wai Dajie (东直门外大街8号) Sanlitun North Entrance  
Tel: 150-1082-1675

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