Mar 2, 2014

Food Experiment #8: Beef Steak

So… beef again. This time my dad bought 2kg worth of steaks. Each one’s easily 2 inches thick and 500 grams heavy.

Massive lah.


Since it’s been sitting in the freezer for 1 week, I thought I’d give the steaks a go and pan fry them into caramel town.

You’ll Need These Ingredients

  • Beef Steak (what else!)
  • Salt

Instructions and “Did it Work?”

1. Prepping the Steak

Take out of freezer. Thaw. Sprinkle salt. Leave to dry and drain.


2. Making the Steak

I like to sear the outside then turn down the heat to cook the steaks. I do this 2 steaks at a time, because I don’t have all that much space on my wok. For a 2-inch steak, I’d budget 2 mins for each side.

The process goes like:

  1. Heat the wok on High heat.
  2. Put the steaks fat-side down onto the wok. Do not add oil. The oils will be drawn out onto the wok as the fat cooks. (2 min)
  3. Flip the steaks onto 1 side. Let it sizzle (2 min)

  4. Flip it over to the other side. Let it sizzle for another 2 min.

  5. Flip the steaks over again. Turn down the heat to medium. Let it cook for 2 min. Do the same for the other side.

I like my steaks medium rare to rare. As a rule of thumb, I compare the steak against the muscle under my thumb… like so in the infographic below:

Source: Lifehacker

Once cooked to your liking, leave the steaks aside for 3 to 5 min before eating.



This works!

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