Aug 29, 2010

This driver is a menace…

This idiot stopped his truck by the side and reversed against the traffic flow to turn in to a side lane. it’s just two photos but I think they tell the entire story.


Lookit me, ma! I’m know how to reverse my big ol’ truck! But, but why’s everyone going against me? And beeping at me?


I know how to turn on the blinky signal light! Blink Blink Blink…


Aug 17, 2010

It’s been a long while……

…since I’ve last posted stuff up. I’ve been…busy working on websites (revamped, social-marketing for clients, falling ill and getting better.

I’m still writing for other clients and taking on other projects. But I realised that I’ve been neglecting this blog of mine which I’ve put a heck-of-a-lot time into building.

Now I’ve made a commitment to myself to blog at least once a week (pathetic, I know). But hey that’s the start of a long road ahead… like what Rod Stewart sang so long ago.

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