Nov 25, 2010

Scenes: Beijing

“I like Beijingers. They’re very straight-forward.” - Alain Cislaghi

I met Alain in Beijing, 2004. He was French-Quebec, owned and stayed in a 4-bed guesthouse situated in a hutong with neighbours pulled straight out of a sitcom, and he was constantly drunk (or in the process of it).

I liked him for his unusual position and outlook on life, and that the Chinese people seemed to genuinely look out for him. That’s strange as the city was filled with folk that’s as cold and as abrasive as the sandstorms that whip through it.

But I guess if you’ve to understand a city, you’ve to stay there for a while, mingle and expectorate loudly.

I’ve captured these images during my month-long trip through China & Taiwan. 

DSCN0016 (1024x768)
Wahahaha: Come laugh with me

DSCN0026 (768x1024) (768x1024)
Forbidden City: 1 lonely tree

DSCN0029 (1024x768)
Forbidden City: Love the sun and how it casts shadows.

DSCN0033 (1024x768)
Forbidden City: Rise the red guard.

DSCN0034 (1024x768)
Forbidden City: Forward march!

Streets in Beijing: What does this do?

SWAT: “Sure. Take a photo. But not too close. Please.”

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