Nov 6, 2010

Prime Beef Dents the Wallet: The Prime Society

I love beef. My friends are put off by its gamey flavour, but I love it for its robustness and ironic melt-in-your-mouth texture.

The Prime Society has those kinds of beef.

Billed as “…the inner circle of steak perfection and cocktail appreciation”, this restaurant of red bricks and gladiatorial murals attracts a large expat crowd for its steaks. Interestingly enough, there were a number of women diners in the mix. An oddity as most women that I know of aren’t enamoured of cows.

Prime Beef Dents the Wallet: The Prime Society

That night, I had the 300g Rib Eye Fillet ($58) done rare and accompanied by a side of Potato Puree. First impressions were nondescript. It was simply a round cut of glistening meat on a large white plate.

“A rip-off.” I thought, “Since I‘m paying an arm and leg for it.”

A bite into it and I changed my mincing. The steak was well marbled and flavourful. It had a mere sprinkle of salt during the grilling process, which simply enhanced its umaminess. During that 15 minutes when I sliced, chomped and swallowed, it was everything that a good beef steak should be.

And like all good things, it ended too quickly.

Final thoughts: Worth a try if you’ve money to burn and happen to be in Dempsey. If you know how to cook (Google for beef steak recipes), then you’re better off getting the same kinds of “grain-fed, aged 200-day” cuts from your butcher at half the price.

The Prime Society
Add: #01-20, 10 Dempsey Road S(247700)
Tel: +65 6474 7427

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