Nov 17, 2010

Utterly Art: Affordable Art Fair

I found Utterly Art back when I was researching & writing Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: Singapore. It’s a simple white box where art pieces are displayed in all its glory.

For them, it’s about the emerging artist. Managing partner, Dr Pwee Keng Hock, actively seeks out new artists to showcase in their fortnightly shows which have since numbered into 250 art exhibitions in Singapore for nearly 300 artists and photographers from Southeast Asia and farther afield.

Talk about being prolific!

What’s more, I like his answers to my standard questions. Open-mouthed smile 

Utterly Art Gallery | Galley: Utterly Art

This post contains additional material that I couldn’t fit into an article for CNNGo (5 galleries to visit at the Affordable Art Fair).

What is your gallery all about?

We like to showcase both established and emerging artists. We have put on many first solo shows for artists, as well as first overseas solo shows for our Filipino artists, whom we specialize in. Many of our artists have subsequently won awards, and their artworks collected by museums or auctioned in top-ranked auction houses.

Why take part in the Affordable Art Fair?

It fits our demographic. Emerging artists do not cost so much, and even many established artists in SE Asia are very affordable, although they are very good. Much of the art we sell costs below 5-figured sums, which is the limit for AAF.

Josue Mangrobang Jr., Reflection Follows, oil on canvas, 3x3ft, 2010
Reflection Follows by Josue Mangrobang Jr. | oil on canvas, 3x3ft, 2010 | Galley: Utterly Art

Wouldn’t selling art cheaply devalue it?

In the first place, wouldn't you expect the work of young and emerging artists to be relatively inexpensive?

Our gallery has never artificially pushed up the prices of art way beyond what the artist would expect for it, but this is NOT true of some other galleries who may mark up prices of work. They might be situated in expensive downtown locations, have high rentals and need to make sales targets just to meet manpower, running costs and rents.

We are well-known for offering good prices, and our database of seasoned collectors who support us again and again testifies to the good value of our works, and the subsequent performance of the artists in the market testifies to the quality we offer.

Which artwork do you admire?

I’m not really sure what you mean here, but all art stands on its own merits -- whatever its costs. It would be a piece that attracts me, speaks to and connects with me, with technique and content that I admire. Whether I can AFFORD to buy it is a separate issue -- but it won't stop me from admiring it. Alas there may be a trend of investment-oriented collectors who admire works just because they fetch high prices in auctions.

Utterly Art

Where: 229A South Bridge Road
Tel: +65 6226 2605

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