Nov 13, 2010

The Affordable Art Fair

Art can be affordable.

In fact you should be able to buy artworks from between S$100 to S$10,000, with 75% going for less than $7,500.

Really. No joke.

Artists: Yann Chatelin & Alexandre Dupeyron | Gallery: Vue Privée

That’s the premise upon which The Affordable Art Fair was built on. The Fair which showcases 60 galleries from 17 countries aims to make art accessible to the viewing public, and the public accessible to the artists. Singaporean galleries include Indigo Blue Art, Sunjin, Red Sea Gallery and Vue Privée.

Curious, I spoke to Fair Director, Camilla Hewitson, on the Fair. Her answers are below, and if you’re thinking heading to the Fair, it’s happening from 19-21 Nov at F1 Pit Building (1 Republic Boulevard). Entry costs S$10.

This post contains additional material that I couldn’t fit into an article for CNNGo (5 galleries to visit at the Affordable Art Fair).

Why an affordable art fair in Singapore?

We currently have AAFs in many different cities around the world such as London, New York and Sydney but never before in Asia.

Singapore, with its diverse museum and gallery scene, growing arts industry and strong economy, is the perfect place to launch our first Asian edition!

What are you looking forward to during the fair?

Of course, the variety of art, the Education Programme that we have in place and the thrill of bringing this to Singapore. One of the main things though, with any new AAF, is that of seeing the new crowd coming to the fair and buying.

On average, circa 50% of our visitors are people who have not bought original artwork before and many make their first ever purchase at the AAF. This then starts to develop the art market locally – and that is amazing to see.

We also curate a recent graduate show, with artists from the Singaporean art schools – so I am looking forward to seeing these artists.

Spanish Fire by Mandy Tay | Gallery: Tay Gallery

What are some of the more exciting art pieces in the fair?

Vue Privée gallery is showcasing some exciting photographs by artists: Yann Chatelin & Alexandre Dupeyron. Watch out also for young talent Mandy Tay who originates from Singapore!

The fair in 5 words

Fun, relaxed, inspiring, eye-opening, and inclusive

The Affordable Art Fair

When: 19-21 Nov
Where: F1 Pit Building

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