Nov 12, 2010

Jiaoxi: Spa Central with Great People

What did I like about Jiaoxi?

Nothing much except that I found some of the friendliest folk (and the Taiwanese are quite friendly!) in this spa town.

First off, description: Jiaoxi is a spa town, hence you’ll see block after block of “hot spring” resorts. Prices vary -- bargain when during the weekdays or off-season periods.

Geography: Jiaoxi is so small that it’s only an hour to walk around it. 

Jiaoxi: Spa Central with great people

The best part: People. Hotel receptionists gave me great advice and planned my trip from Jiaoxi to Taitung. I met a 72-year old man who spoke Hokkien-accented Mandarin in a little snack shack. We share beers, and he bought me dinner.

Jiaoxi: Old man

Entertainment: Skimpy but past the snack shack was a live music bar. Skip the bottled stuff, go for the microbrews. They’ve got a green beer that’s sweet and hoppy, unlike  Reddot’s green beer which tastes like grass.

Jiaoxi: Green beer in a piano bar

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