Sep 27, 2010

Hossan Leong: Singapore Boy

“Any ACS boys? All grow up to become con-men … I should know, I’m one.”

I wrote and filmed Hossan Leong for an interview with Hossan’s one of Singapore’s funniest comedians and he has some of the strongest and funniest insights into our society.

The crowd laughs because it’s funny. More importantly, they know it’s true. That’s Hossan Leong for you -- the “Singapore boy” who turns mundane observations into side-splitting jokes.

Here’s more….

Interview with Hossan Leong

Leong isn’t just a comedian. He’s also an award-winning stage actor, radio show host, director, and knight as he has received the Order of Arts and Letters from the French government for his ongoing promotion of cultural ties between France and Singapore…

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