Sep 17, 2010

Chupitos: Interactive Shots Bar

Billed as an “interactive shots bar”, Chupitos, hopes to corner the “by-the-way, let’s grab a shot before going to the disco” niche. It’s cosy, and the best part about it are their innovative shots.

Chupitos Bar Interior

The bar’s run by two lovely ladies, Cherilyn and Jamie, who won the Martell VSOP Ultimate Startup Space Contest. That gives them a rent-free space for six months and S$20,000 seed money to start up their bar.

Cherilyn and Jamie: Chupitos Bar

Being a shots bar, it has a variety of shooters that range from sweetness and all things nice to really potent MFs such as the Absinthe Bohemian where a sugar cube is set on fire and left to drip into green Absinthe.

Chupitos Bar: Absinthe

Or the Milo Godzilla which comes in a milo coated shot glass. It’s milky and alcoholic – but I really don’t see how we’re going to lick the milo powder off the glass.

Chupitos Bar: Milo Godzilla

One of the bar’s highlights would be the Mister Jay, the fire-flairing bartender who hails from the Philippines with his bag of cheeky magic tricks. He’s a fun chap, especially with the ladies. But then, who wouldn’t love a man who makes them laugh?

Chupitos Bar: Fire Flairing Bartender Chupitos Bar: Tower of drinks

Chupitos Bar: Magic Tricks

If Chupitos in Singapore is anything like the hole-in-the-wall shooter bar in Spain, then I’ll loving this place for some time to come.

Chupitos is at #01-02B Clarke Quay, 3C River Valley Road.

Chupitos Bar: Pandan Cake
Pandan Cake
Chupitos Bar: Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Chupitos Bar: Kiss of Death
Kiss of Death
Chupitos Bar: Molecular B-52
Molecular B-52

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