Jan 1, 2010

Edwin Tam & his Portfolio

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As you can tell from the title, this part of Wend Right is dedicated to me and my works. If you’re not interested in the About Me spiel, click on one of these links to jump straight to my work samples: Print | Online | Photos | Stuff that I’m proud of.

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About Me

Edwin Tam is a writer and a content producer. I’ve worked in print, websites, social media sites (e.g. Facebook) and I’m developing videos for online content. I’m enamoured with the web. It’s the perfect story-telling medium with words, pictures, videos, audio streams on the same page – all telling different facets of the same story. 

I can be contacted at skybe077@ymail.com

I’m working on:
Content editor for UCreateChange blog; writer for CNNGo.com (under Eddie Tee); develop & implement content and social media strategy for My Urban Journey (website | blog).

Things that I do:
Write stories and collaterals and ads, take photos, make videos, and spread the word out via social media. I provide editorial and content consultancy. See my work in: Print | Online | Photos

Things that I’ve done:
Wrote, edited and photograhed for a travel guidebook (Eat, Drink & Be Merry), edited travel stories and design books, written for design and lifestyle magazines and travel websites and technology websites. I was the online editor for Time Out Singapore. I’ve helped MAXA.sg revamp their website.

Print stuff

Publications: iSh; I-S; Moods; Home & Decor; Jobs Central; Eat, Drink & Be Merry (pub. by Page One); misc. advertorials

My print portfolio (on Scrib)

Other Scrib Collections

Need great copy for your print publication? Email me!


My stories always have photographs. I usually shoot them with my trusty Nikon Coolpix P6000. My photos go up on Imageshack; feel free to use them, but link back to this blog and credit me.

Chillis by the roadside of Seoul



ClaypotKobe beef Soon DaeOystersCorn

Online stuff

I’m a regular contributor to CNNGo (writing as Eddie Tee) & UCreateChange blog. I used to be Time Out Singapore’s online editor where I oversaw the website’s revamp and repurposed print material for the website. Every now and then, I turn my interviews with people into videos and upload them onto my YouTube channel: Skybe077.

Need someone to create online content? Email me!

Skybe077 YouTube Channel

Stuff that I’m proud of

  • 'Kick Ball', 'Do Army', 'Do Work': For Jacen Tan, life becomes art
    Check out the audio stream of the interview.

    “If Hollywood is about celluloid fantasies, then Hosaywood ("Ho Say" being a local slang exclamation for 'great!') is about the things that Singaporeans hold most dear, even if we don’t know it.” 

  • Tan Pin Pin: Documenting the invisible Singapore
    This interview made it to the front page of CNN.com’s editions.

    “Listen carefully to one of the opening scenes from film director Tan Pin Pin's documentary film "Singapore GaGa" and you'll hear this jingle:
    Hello. One dollar.
    Uncle Auntie 小姐帮我买 tissue paper 好吗?
    One dollar one dollar.
    Hello. One dollar.
    小姐小妹 Auntie Uncle 帮我买 tissue paper 好吗?”
    -- excerpt from Mdm Liang’s 'One Dollar Tissue Paper' song”

  • Kumar -- comedian, performer and Singapore's top drag queen
    Check out my video interview of him. Catch him at the 3 Monkeys on weekends. He’s worth the crush of bodies and expensive drinks!

    “The spotlights go on. Kumar appears. He sashays to the center in a swishy long dress that only Kate Moss-thin models can fit into. Then he speaks into the mike. I’m Kumar. I’m approved by the government. Why? Cause I’m Indian, and the president is also Indian…"

  • A walking guide to Singapore's Little India
    Jotted down & pictured the walking tour on Google maps. Why aren’t there more people using it?

    ”From the ruddy-faced backpackers that stay at Dunlop Street for the homely atmosphere to the 24-hour
    Mustafa Centre that stocks everything that you’ll ever and never need, we've seen for ourselves how roti prata, Thosai, Dhal, and fishhead curry are on every corner within this little slice of transported India -- all 700 by 500 meters of it. “

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