Jan 29, 2010

Fourwallsofsound: Mixcloud’s top community member

Now this is almost fame for you.

My mate – fourwallsofsound – was interviewed by Mixcloud for their Best of 2009 series.

fourwallsofsound photo
It’s the guy at the bottom right.

I’ve extracted a part of the interview where he describes himself as:

“Just a fella who grew up on music that I was exposed to in the 80s and heard it evolve through the 90s. The first time I heard the electronic sound at a club was at a John Kelley guest night at Zouk, Singapore circa 1996 and I was hooked. Many educational club nights later, I bought my Technics MK2s, a Pioneer DJM 500 (on hire purchase naturally), pulled out my dad’s knackered old Koss’ and figured out how to mix records in a way that would connect with a crowd in the same way that each track was connecting with me; along the way I’ve played some small gigs and parties as fourwallsofsound, but remain a bedroom DJ at heart.”

Head over to the full interview for more salacious details. And drop him a line on his profile.

30 Love .. Sometimes That's All You Got by Fourwallsofsound on Mixcloud

PS: Dude, I’m done my best to pimp you out… :D Keep the music flowing.

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