Feb 11, 2011

Week 4

“I want to look good naked.” That’s my public motivation for exercising. But really, I’m sick of panting when I climb up the overhead bridge. I’m sick of seeing a bulging tummy in the mirror. I’m sick fitting into oversized clothes.
That’s really why I exercise.
My left knee shivers when I execute my rear lunges. In fact, my entire left side seems to compensate for the weakness. Not sure how I’ll fix it though but I’ve added some single-leg exercises such as lunges to my repertoire. 


I’ve achieved most my Week 3.5 goals and then some.
For Front Days, I’ve added +5 Lunges, +10 Inclined Push Ups and +5 Calf Raises. For Back Days, I’ve added +10 Back Rows.
I didn’t run or Lizard Crawl for these sessions. I was quite wiped out over for the last two days and my left knee aches. So I worked on my core (trying out a modified ab wheel) on the third day.


  • +1 to Standard & Inclined Push Ups
  • +1 to Lunges
  • +2 to Single Leg Calf Raises
  • +1 kg to all weighted exercises

Training Routines

Front Day

Exercises (3 Sets)
Weight: 13.5kg/side
  1. 10 X Squats
  2. 12 X Standard Push Ups; 10 X Inclined Push Ups
  3. 6 X Reverse Lunge with Shoulder Press
  4. 5 X Lunge
  5. 10 X Bicep Curls to Arnold Presses
  6. 15 X Single Leg Calf Raises (+10 Double Leg Calf Raises)
  1. 2.4 km + Slope Running (4x); Timing: 35:06

Back Day

10 min set
  1. 6 X Lizard Crawls (4 X to and fro)
  2. 10 X Straight-leg Deadlifts
  3. 5 X Rear Lunge to High Knee (per leg)
Exercises (3 Sets)
Weight: 13.5kg/side
  1. 10 X Single-leg Deadlifts
  2. 10 X Shrugs
  3. 10 X Inverted Rows (4 sets)
  4. 10 X Push ups (4 sets)
  5. 2 X Pull Up (4 Sets)


3 sets
  1. Planks: side & front (30 sec)
  2. Single leg bridge (15 sec Ea)
  3. Stretches

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