Feb 8, 2011

Mr and Mrs Incredible

I have a knack for choosing and watching really bad films. First it was Monsters, then it was Shaolin, and finally Mr and Mrs Incredible. This Hong Kong flick -- starring Louis Khoo and the quirky and now svelte Sandra Ng -- is about a superhero couple who retires to a quiet village in the valley.

Of course a bad guy pops up (for all of 15 minutes) to disrupt the peace and our intrepid superheroes don their masks to fight him off. The rest of the movie is filled with much mooching and sweet nothings. The usual Hong Kong movie gags appear and put me to sleep amidst much polite tittering within the audience.

The bright spark in the movie are the trailers, they’re funny, candid and full of silly action. Best of all, it’s in Cantonese with plenty of “吃蕉”, “正啊!” all of which do not translate well into Mandarin.

Remember, only watch the good stuff.

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