Feb 16, 2011

Oooo… I Wanna Drink

So I made a bet with a friend to stay high and dry for 60 days. Just day 2 and already I’m tempted to down a cool, tall mug of fizzly beer. After all, there’s nothing like it after a day of meetings, writing and brainstorming.


Jeez, I’ve never known brainstorming to be that tiring!

Obviously I didn’t fall off the wagon. Why? Because I want to win the bet. And I want to look good naked.

How did I hold out then? Well, I rushed to get something to eat (in this case, a rare 200-day Ribeye) to refuel my tired brain. And then I got a haircut with a fine wash. It sounds silly and chicky, but it got my mind off needing booze.

And I’m safe. At least for Day 2.

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