Feb 1, 2011

I think saw someone die

Quite a dramatic header, isn’t it?

I didn’t see the guy expire before me, but I noticed a crowd gathered around a prone man at a traffic light at Bukit Merah Central.

He had been lying there for a while, unresponsive to people pulling and prodding him. Nearby two over-the-hill ah-lians smoked and tossed cigarette butts onto the road.

SNC00400 (1024x768)

A bald man in a tie had made a fist and pumped away at the man’s chest, while children and women gathered, watched and gawped. The bus came, an ambulance whirred to a stop beside the junction disgorging paramedics onto asphalt.

SNC00399 (1024x768)

Who knew what happened to the man?

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