Feb 2, 2011

A Fine Way to be Punctual

Charge them for lateness.

Like this PAP Kindergarten report by The Temasek Review which fines parents $2 for every five minutes that they are late to pick up their princes and princesses.

Here’s the notice pasted below.
I like this idea.

Singaporeans are afflicted with Chronic Lateness Syndrome. They’ll waltz in 10, maybe 20 minutes late – if you’re lucky. But being tardy an hour or three is often the case. Accompanying this lateness is a barrage of excuses ranging from: “my cat just jumped out of the window.” to “I got lost [even though they stay in the next block].” All promptly thought up and delivered in your face when a phone call (before the stars came out) would have been much appreciated.

The post’s comments rage and rant at the inhumanity (oh’ the inhumanity of it all!). Admittedly there are germs of truth. But by and large, the commenters are morons.

Would you be late for meetings or deadlines or surgery? I believe not. It’s all about making time and knowing how much time you need for each task. So please, be on time. Be a good example to your kids. After all, you wouldn’t want them to be late for life, would you?

If you think that’s not doable, read Paul Shankman’s post on Top Five Ways to Be Taken Seriously – Timing Edition. It’s a must-read for any tardy fool.

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