Feb 20, 2011

A Rant: Why not?

I asked a question.

And got back “Why not?” as a reply.


I wanted answers, reasons, and a conversation, instead I get: “Why not?”. No doubt the answerer thought he was being cheeky and smart and mysterious. At that point in time, I ranked those two words amongst being inundated by locusts and blood plagues.

So why not use “Why not?”? Because it’s insolent and, lord of all nonsense and stupidity, a conversation killer.

There are better ways to be smart. Like…

  • “Because it’s there.”: Pay homage to mountaineers and people  who do crazy but WOW things.
  • “I’ve never done it before”: You’re open to trying new things. Interesting.
  • “Why do you think I do it?”: Throw the ball back in my court. Get me seeing it from your perspective.
  • “Why shouldn’t I do it?”: Ask for a contradictory stance. A challenge that’s less insulting than Why Not?

Of course, these are simply suggestions. But if you’re aiming to be less of a mysterious dick, well then, why not?

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