Jun 28, 2014

Exercise: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Friends swear by it. Lance Armstrong loves it. Fighters do it. I do it and end up crawling my way home.

This is High Intensity Interval Training (or another fancy way of saying Pylometrics). Y'know, jumping like a monkey or lifting stuff in a short time. Anyways, it works. I feel great and I'm looking for ways to make it a helluva interesting -- albeit painful -- exercise.

So I've been experimenting and have found these 3 routines that made me wanna puke without killing my knee and back.
Each routine set consists of 4 exercises. Do each exercise within 30 sec, with a rest time of 60 sec at the end of the set. Do 10 sets if possible. If not, do at least 6 sets and work your way up to 10.

Routine 1

  • 10 X Burpees & Hops 
  • 10 X Clap Push Ups 
  • 5m Bear Crawl 
  • 10 X Kettlebell swing (20kg) 

Routine 2

  • 10 X Burpees & Hops 
  • 10 X Clap Push Ups 
  • 10 X Wide Pull ups (reduce by 1 for every succeeding set. E.g. set 2: 9 X pull ups) 
  • 1 X Full court fast break (or sprint 50m thereabouts) 

Routine 3

  • 5 X Twisting Lunges (20kg)
  • 10 X Kettlebell 1-arm swings (20kg) 
  • 5m Lizard Crawl 
  • 15 X Duck & Hook (Bagwork: Jab & Cross is OK)

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