Mar 23, 2010

Red-light districts get out of line, sure or not?

As Chow Yun Fatt said in Pirates of the Caribbean, “Welcome to Singapore!” Only that it’s a Singapore of whores, scummy pirates, and tattooed overweight monsters.

Chow Yun Fatt in Pirates of the CaribbeanI’m quoting Sao Feng because I read an article by the Star Online. It was about  foreign workers creating pockets of organised crime in Geylang.

Cool excerpt below:

In a scene reminiscent of the days of secret societies, the unruly crowd shouted obscenities and threw bottles, stones and chairs at the four detectives.


It occurred when the policemen were carrying out raids in the red-light area of Geylang.


One detective was kicked in the mouth and another in the head and back.


The violence, which lasted 15 minutes, prompted a policeman to draw his pistol and fire a warning shot.


Several rioters were detained, and two of them brought to trial recently. One got 15 months in jail, and the other is out on bail pending appeal.

source: The Online Citizen

Oooo… I won’t want to be in their situation. And it is shocking in Singapore where everything is nice and clean and perfect for living. It’s just a little dot on this little red dot that’s gotten black marks. But what can you expect from a legalised redlight district area where sex sells? 

Reading on I was struck by a random, unverified quote by a school teacher (dunno if Malaysian or Singaporean; sounds Singaporean):

“Singapore is fast becoming known as a sin city,” said a school teacher, who fears casinos and vice would one day lead to its downfall.

It’s interesting to see what a few fights would do to our perception of things. It’s really not that bad, people. Really.

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