Mar 20, 2010

On Cooking: It ain’t like what you visualised dude….

Went for the “Bing”. Not bling.

The Bing is a Chinese flatbread with meat fillings. The kind that fills the air with wonderful aromas when broken apart. It’s perfect for a cold day – like this rainy Saturday.

Sadly it’s been likened to a hamburger; ya’know, them of the Golden Arches. It’s same same but really different. iChina describes the Bing as:

… made of similar ingredients [to a hamburger], but in different ways. When you add the ingredients of innovation and localization, you end up with hundreds of derivatives.


Xian Bing (stuffed hamburger dumplings) – Northern and Northeastern China


Xian Bing is like round-shaped, oversized dumplings (in the way it is made), stuffed with seasoned ground meat and vegetables (e.g., pork and cabbages, or scrambled egg and chives), hermetically sealed in a toothsome wrapper, then baked or pan fried until crispy. As the meat cooks inside, it gets basted in its own juices, intensifying the flavor of the filling.

Source: iChina Magazine

So I pulled up my singlet, kneaded the dough, stuffed meat into the bugger and left it to rise in a toaster oven.

Results shown below….

My Meat My Meat "Bing" (Pancake)

It’s not as appetizing as I thought it’ll be, and it’s the cook’s fault: A pinch more salt, a heap of spring onions and scallions and mo’ meat, a mite less dough, and I’ll have a winner on my hands.

Or more likely in my belly.

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