Mar 31, 2010

My Name is Bolo Santosi: Just Cause 2

YouTubers are going gaga over “Bolo Santosi” – a character in a game Just Cause 2. It’s not because she’s Tomb Raider busty, rather it’s her weird accent that gamers on the other side of the world can’t place.

My Name is Bolo Santosi: Just Cause 2

I can tell you where the accent’s from: Singapore.

But I don’t know if they’re using Singaporeans as voice talents in the game. Although It sounds a lot like comedienne Irene Ang, but I doubt that she’s involved in the game. While it’s cringe-worthy at times, I love the Masters of the Sea flashbacks that they invoke whenever I listen to it.

So repeat after me": “My name is Bolo Santosi”.“My name is Bolo Santosi”.

“My name is…”


Bolo Santosi (src: MistaBrown)

PS: Anyone know who’s the voice talent? We gotta give her props for Singlish-ing a game! :D

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