Mar 29, 2010

Medan: Snakes, Lizards & Turtles

Zedy: “Let’s eat Monitor Lizard!”

Me: O.o

We went to a night street market where it’s got Singapore in 1970s emblazoned all over it. No, it’s not like China where they pull out the lizard from a cage and chop it up before you.

Instead we got it from a lanky Indonesian who hid behind his little food cart, reached into an unknown crevice and dropped a few bite-sized pieces into bubbling hot oil. When it reached our table, we couldn’t tell whether it was snake or lizard or chicken (well, you know how everything unusual tastes like chicken).

Photos below:

Chunks of Monitor Lizard
Chunks of Monitor Lizard

Snake food
Pieces of snake

The guy must have taken his cue from an American diner where everything is deep-fried. But there are meaty differences. Lizard is sweet; snake a little stringy. Regardless they all go well with Bintang beer.  

Turtle soup 
Turtle soup

For something more exotic, try the Turtle Soup. It’s not for animal lovers or anyone who calls fish “sea kittens”. A little on the salty side but definitely worth a gulp or more.

* Sorry for the lousy photos. I took it with my phone’s measly camera.

Where: Some night market in Medan

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