Mar 27, 2010

Cardio Routine

Type: Cardio
When: 3pm, under the sun and white cloud chariots

God I hate running. It’s so mindless to put one foot infront of the other, and it’s hard too! A short jog around my estate wipes me out.

But it’s hard to deny the benefits of running: losing weight; improved cardiovascular health; slowing down the aging process; and being happier and feeling less stressed. Although you won’t know it from looking at Homer’s mug below.

Cardio routine: Homer running?

There’s truth in the benefits list. I do feel a lot “lighter" (not just literally) and I focus better...after a short nap.

Because I’m a sucker for pain, I find that running isn’t enough. So I’ve added two full-body and core exercises to supplement this cardio workout. Has anyone out there tried something like this?

Exercise Plan

  1. 1 set X Jumping jacks (40 X)
  2. 4 sets X Deadlifts to shoulder presses (12 X 12.5kg)
  3. 4 sets X Crunches with legs tucked in (15 X)
  4. Run (2.5km X 12.36 min)

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