Mar 9, 2011

Week 7.5: Back Again

Did my first full workout since shutting down last week.

I’m a little stronger than I thought possible, although 17.5 kg/arm is f**king hard to press. But it’s good to know that I can do it and continue with my workouts.

In other words, I’m back biatches!

Bone Dry Days: 25 (since 12 Feb)
Bet Days: 23/60 (since 14 Feb)


Front Day: 70 minutes to complete this workout. Lifting 17.5 kg per arm is much harder than I thought, and I took longer breaks in between to psyche myself up. The last 2 reps of my Bicep Curls to Arnold Presses became just Arnold Presses. The Isometric exercises were harder especially for the last 10 seconds.

Hopefully, it’s just my body readapting to lifting heavy shit.

Back Day: Done. Still feel a twinge in my right knee. I’m definitely stronger at these back routines. I should add proper pulls up into the mix. The ones that I’m doing right now consists of me hanging from the staircase and pulling myself up. It’s not easy at all.

Running Day: KIVed slope running in favour of just running non-stop. No pain. Just waiting to do it again next week.


Dates: 10-11 Mar

Pushing back to my normal training routine. But giving the run a day on its own. I’ll see how my sole feels after it’s been de-warted.

  • +1 to Single-Armed Rows (7X)
  • +1 to all Push Ups (18X Standard; 16X Inclined)
  • +1 set to Lizard Crawls
  • +8 to Pull Ups

Training Routines

Dates: 6-8 Mar

Front Day

  1. 6 X Lizard Crawls (4 X to and fro)

Exercises (3 Sets)
Weight: 17.5 kg/side

  1. 10 X Squats
  2. 5 X Reverse Lunge with Shoulder Presses
  3. 10 X Bicep Curls to Arnold Presses

Weight: 17.5 kg

  1. Isometric Lunges (30 sec)
  2. Isometric Sumo Squats (30 sec)


  1. 17 X Standard Push Ups; 15 X Inclined Push Ups


  1. 2.5 km + KIV Slope Running (4x 0.38 km)
    Timing: 21:22; Total: 2.5 km; Speed: 7.06 km/h; Ave rest: 0 sec
  2. 2 min of Skipping Rope

Back Day

12 mins; 3 sets 

  1. 6 X Lizard Crawls (4 X to and fro)
  2. 10 X Straight-leg Deadlifts
  3. 5 X Rear Lunge to High Knee (per leg)
Exercises (3 Sets)
Weight: 17.5 kg/side
  1. 10 X Shrugs + hold for 10 counts on last rep
  2. 10 X Back Rows + hold for 10 counts on last rep
Weight: 17.5 kg
  1. 10 X Single-leg Deadlifts
Unweighted (4 sets)
  1. 10 X Inclined Inverted Rows;  6 X Single-arm Inverted Rows + hold for 5 counts on last rep
  2. 15 X Inclined Push ups 
  3. 3 X Pull Ups


3 sets
  1. Planks: side & front & back (30 sec)
  2. Stretches


  1. 15 X Single Leg Calf Raises (+10 Double Leg Calf Raises)

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