Mar 8, 2011

Scissors Cut Rice: Hainanese Curry Rice

We love our mixed vegetable rice.

It’s like Nasi Padang, just Chinese-ified and a lot sloppier. It’s good, cheap and best to drown lunchtime woes in.

This post is about an offshoot: the Hainanese Curry Rice.

Hainanese Curry Rice (Close up)
Hainanese Curry Rice from Scissors Cut Curry Rice

Hainanese Curry Rice stalls specialise in lor bak (stewed meat), pao cai (stewed cabbage), fried pork chop and chicken curry.

My first brush with Hainanese Curry Rice was at Maxwell Food Centre. The selection of food was small compared to other mixed vegetable rice stalls. Regardless, I pointed here, there, above and across – ending up with all of the above specialities, crowned by a thick, gooey layer of curry sauce.

I dug into it.

My fork placed meats over rice and spooned into my mouth. It was good, hearty fare. Just flavours stripped down to its essentials and fit to revive working stiffs.

At least, just enough to get through the working day.

Hainanese Curry Rice 
Close up of Hainanese Curry Rice from Scissors Cut Curry Rice

Get your Hainanese Curry Rice at…

China Street Curry Rice
Address: Stall #01-68 Maxwell Food Centre
Review at Foodie FC

Scissors Cut Curry Rice
659/661 Geylang Road, Off Lor 35

Scissors Curry Rice
Corner of Jalan Besar Road and Kitchener Road
Review by MakanTime


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