Mar 17, 2011

We Can, Singapore

Every so often, we bash Singapore and Singaporeans with incredible amounts of vitriol. Just read the comments in The Online Citizen.


I’m guilty of that as well.

But every so often, I come across posts that talk about the good things in Singapore. Most of it is written by expats – I can see your eyes roll up already –, but there are truths in them and I’m struck by how we take it all for granted.

Here’s an example:

- 3$ lunches that don't include hotdogs

- dragonboating OUTSIDE all year round

- perma-tan

- affordable massages

- taxi uncle talks

- "can" and "cannot"

- "'s a long weekend, where should I fly to? The beach, the jungle, a cool Asian city..."

Yes, this little red dot (and sometimes her leaders) could do things better, but let’s not can ourselves, can?

Source: Things I will miss about Singapore when I move back to Canada

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