Mar 28, 2011

Week 10: A Death in The Family

Strange how a death can bring together so many people in so short a time.

My grandfather died just yesterday from old age.

We knew that he was going soon, so we recalled everyone who back to Singapore. My brother came back from half a world away, a cousin from Taiwan, and an uncle from Phuket.

They all arrived within two days. An astonishing feat considering that they would usually hem and haw at coming home (yes, Singapore is home no matter what folks say). Not many of us have visited or looked after my grandfather much before his death.

Now he’s gone. Whoosh. In three month of almost continuous slumber. There were many red, teary eyes and my mother went slightly insane at his death (that’s because she looked after him in his geriatric years). For once, it felt like a family, united in a common purpose – but it took a death to bring us together.

Bone Dry Days: 44 (since 12 Feb)
Bet Days: 42/60 (since 14 Feb)


Didn’t manage to revert to Week 9: Training Routines because of my grandfather’s death and funeral. Instead I’ve carried on with my Army Days routine as much as I could.

Front Day: Completed.

Back Day:  Completed. Except for Pull Ups.

Running Day:  Not done.


Dates: 29-31 Mar

Revert to Week 9: Training Routines.

Training Routines

Dates: 25-27 Mar

Front Day

Exercises (3 Sets)
Weight: 18.5 kg/side

  1. 10 X Squats
  2. 10 X Shoulder Presses

Weight: 18.5 kg/side

  1. Isometric Sumo Squats (30 sec)


  1. 21 X Standard; 19x X Inclined Push Ups

Back Day

4 sets 

  1. 10 X Straight-leg Deadlifts
  2. 10 X 2-armed Dumbell Snatch 
Exercises (3 Sets)
Weight: 18.5 kg/side
  1. 10 X Shrugs + hold for 10 counts on last rep
  2. 10 X Back Rows + hold for 10 counts on last rep
Unweighted (4 sets)
  1. 10 X Inclined Inverted Rows;  6 X Single-arm Inverted Rows + hold for 10 counts on last rep
  2. 19 X Inclined Push Ups  
  3. 3+6 X Pull Ups


  1. 2.5 km + 5kg runs (2 X)
    Timing: 0:0; Total: 2.5 km; Speed: 0.0 km/h; Ave rest: 0 sec
  2. 2 min of Skipping Rope


3 sets
  1. Planks: side & front & back (30 sec)
  2. Stretches


  1. 15 X Single Leg Calf Raises (+10 Double Leg Calf Raises)
  2. Slope Running (4x 0.38 km)
  3. 10 X Single-leg Deadlifts  (18.5kg)
  4. 5 X Reverse Lunge with Shoulder Presses
  5. Isometric Lunges (30 sec)

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