Mar 2, 2011

Week 6.5: Rehab

I believe in rehabbing when I’m pain-free. It serves two purposes: promote healing and improve mobility. At the same time, I continue exercising the body parts that don’t hurt.


My home-based rehab consists of Isometric exercises where I “hold the muscle in a fixed position for a set duration of time”. Since I’m rehabbing my knee, I do isometric squats with unweighted straight leg deadlifts thrown in for good measure.

It’s hard to do but painless. And that’s what I need to keep in shape.

Bone Dry Days: 17 (since 12 Feb)
Bet Days: 15/60 (since 14 Feb)


Front Day: Did everything for upper body. Included Isometric Squats as a rehab tool. No running at all.

Back Days: Added 16kg to Isometric Squats. Added unweighted Single-leg deadlifts. No change to unweighted exercises.


Dates: 3-4 Mar
  • Add 16kg to Isometric Squats (total: 32 kg).
  • Add Isometric Lunges (30 sec)
  • +1 to Push Ups (16 X; 14 X)
  • Start Isometric Planks

Training Routines

Dates: 28 Feb - 1 Mar

Front Day

Exercises (3 Sets)
  1. Isometric Squats (30 sec)
  2. 15 X Standard Push Ups; 13 X Inclined Push Ups

Weight: 16kg/side

  1. 10 X Bicep Curls to Arnold Presses 
  2. 15 X Shrugs

Back Day

Exercises (3 Sets)
  1. 16kg Isometric Squats (30 sec)
  2. 10 X Single-leg deadlifts
Unweighted (4 sets)
  1. 10 X Inclined Inverted Rows;  5 X Single-arm Inverted Rows
  2. 13 X Inclined Push ups 
  3. 3 X Pull Ups

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