Feb 10, 2010

Turning an interview into an audio stream

I like new stuff and ways of presenting things. So I thought “why not stream parts of an interview to accompany the written portion?”

I went off, did the interview, wrote the story.

And cringed when I listened to it on mp3.

“Errr… i think… I mean y’know that it really isn’t like that…”

We don’t speak like we read, do we?

So here’s eight short tips to turning your interview into an audio stream.

  1. Start off the interview with an explanation.
  2. Ask the interviewee to pause after every answer.
  3. Pronounce your words care-ful-ly. Wecan’tunderstandwhatyou’resayingifyou’rerattlingitofflikeamachinegun! Whew!
  4. Make sure that you’re not “eeee”, “ahhh”, “orrrrhhh”, “errrrmmm” when phrasing questions. Editing it out is a bitch.
  5. Record in a quiet environment. Otherwise you might just inadvertently pick up things that weren’t met for your ears (“Ehhh, I heard that she went for breast surgery…”).
  6. Don’t move the microphone when we’re speaking. Screechy noises are not good on the ears!
  7. Make sure that you’ve got a script. And your interviewee has read it.
  8. Inject enthusiasm into your voice or find someone who can.

For more podcasting tips head to Jack Herrington’s O’Reilly page.

I used Wavepad sound editor.

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