Feb 22, 2010

Peace One Day: 21 Sept

If you looked for one day of peace but couldn’t find it…what would you do then?

Filmmaker Jeremy Gilley tried to look for one day of peace. But couldn’t find it at all. Not a paltry 24 hours of non violence within any continent – Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe or Australia.

And that drove him to launch his Peace One Day where one day is dedicated to 24 hours of non-violence.

“Pretty cool. But what’s the big deal with just one day of peace?” you might ask.

Oh nothing much, except for ruminating on what might have been… In a day of peace Gilley estimated that we could vaccinate a country, or drop enough food aid to feed starving nations, or even teach much-needed skills to anyone.

But now they’ve either gone up in gunpowder and artillery shells, or spent cowering behind mud packed walls. 

So if you think a day of peace is important, then keep 21 Sept circled on your calendar. And tell your friends and friend’s friends.

Understatement of the day: “The important thing about it is to keep talking about it and keep trying, you know.” – Chris Martin, Coldplay.

Read it over at Peace One Day

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