Feb 15, 2010

福: A Chinatown Walking Tour

Chinese New Year -- three days of food, drink, gambling, relatives, and ang paos (red packets filled with money) for luck, fortune, and good health. All the good stuff that we’ll ever need to tide us over the next 365 days.

福: A Chinatown Walking Tour in Singapore
Chinatown during Chinese New Year (src: Chinatown Album on Imageshack)

In recognition of its significance to ethnic Chinese, I’ve created a walking tour for Chinatown based on the Chinese character 福, which means fortune, to bring prosperity to the walker.

It’s kitschy, a little silly, and a little hard to get around. But I think it’s a tour that’s that out of the norm and shows another side of Chinatown that you might not have seen at all.

As usual it’s free to use the map. If you do use or embed it elsewhere, please leave a comment on my blog and link back to this post. I’ll also be very happy if you could link to my Twitter account @ http://twitter.com/skybe077 as well. :D 

福: A Chinatown Walking Tour in Singapore
Street scenes from up high (src: Chinatown Album on Imageshack)

Oh yes, the how-to part of the walking tour.

Caveat: I drew the character through buildings and blithely disregarded how I’d follow the lines. So if you’re following the walking tour, try to walk through stone. Failing so, I’d recommend going around the buildings.

Start point: Outram Park MRT, Tat Hong Exit
Exit point: Chang Jiang Porridge
Instructions: Follow the blue line whenever possible. I’ve marked out detour routes in red. You can follow the tour in sequential order from 1 to 13, or just make up your own sequence.

View Chinatown - A Walking Tour in a larger map

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