Feb 4, 2010

Macau: Dice, Wine & Loots of Women

“On a recent visit, some 100 women - almost all of them from the mainland and dressed in not much more than a colorful scarf and a sneeze - were available to entertain guests in one of the 26 renovated karaoke rooms.”

Macau KTV and women

That, I never saw when I tripped through Macau a couple of years back.

But it was a day-trip. Both wine and women appear when the sun sets.

Had I stayed, I would have seen many gorgeous women endlessly waltz through hotel lobbies (for example, the very Las-Vegan Lisboa Hotel) while the “classier” variety were paraded by their KTV Mamis “in not much more than a colourful scarf and a sneeze” (accurate blow-by-blow account here).

Most of the women are mainland Chinese with a handful of Vietnamese and Eastern Europeans, who enter the Special Administrative Region without much fuss. They might be in Macau to satisfy Stanley Ho’s enormous appetite for tits and cracks.

Apart from him, the women cater mostly to gamblers. Winners celebrate using them; losers console themselves in them. Non-gamblers and alternative tourists do not need fret. Nowadays, there are deals known as “honeymoon” deals (pasted all over ferry terminals to Macau) that “include a woman, a room and several hours of whatever for about HK$1,900  [SGD$400]”.

And if you’re hungry after whatever, Macau’s got pretty good Wanton Mee somewhere between casinos and churches.

First appeared in Skybe’s World

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