Feb 7, 2010

Little India: Turn right, turn left

It's not your standard walking tour for Singapore's Little India -- that area of unmitigated mess of spices, Bollywood music, liquor shops, jaywalking Indians and Briyani.

I took a page from The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel by Rachael Antony and Joël Henry, and alternated between left and right turns at every junction.

My journey is documented in my walking guide to Little India for CNNGo. At the same time, I did up a Google Map of Little India walking trail that was used in the article.

I’ve embedded the map below. Please feel free to use it. Just remember to link back to my blog. Thanks!

See Little India - A walking tour in a larger map


  1. Pick a start point
  2. Walk straight until you come to a junction
  3. Turn left or right
  4. Take a photo & note what’s happening
  5. Walk until you come to another junction
  6. Turn in the opposite direction of the previous turn
  7. Take a photo & note what’s happening
  8. Repeat 2. to 7. until you reach a dead end

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