Dec 29, 2010

Scene: Gu Lang Yu (Food Edition)

The food on Gu Lang Yu (鼓浪屿 aka Drum Wave Islet) is depressingly similar to Taiwanese food (see my Taiwanese Food posts).

Taiwanese Food isn’t bad. But I wanted a change of palate after two weeks of sweet and thick soups, meats, and oyster omelettes. If you’re wanting the same, try these dishes that were recommended by locals and savvy tourists.

Bamboo Worm Jelly

 Scene: Gu Lang Yu (Food Edition) - Bamboo Worm Jelly

Fat white worms hollowed, boiled and turned into jelly. Splash on some soy sauce, a dollop of wasabi, and cucumber for a surprisingly refreshing snack.

Black Sesame Mochi

Scene: Gu Lang Yu (Food Edition) - Black Sesame Mochi

Rice flour packets filled with sesame seeds, sugar and rolled on a bed of black sesame seeds.

Ngor Hiang (Five Spice Meat)

Scene: Gu Lang Yu (Food Edition) - Ngor Hiang

Instead of minced pork, they use a solid length of fatty pork mixed in with a tasty unidentifiable paste. Plenty of bite with artery-hardening overtones.

Grass Jelly

Scene: Gu Lang Yu (Food Edition) - Grass Jelly

I’m sure I’m getting the name wrong. But this clear jelly concocted by slowly boiling and congealing herbs goes down oh-so-smoothly. Must have with barley, peanuts and sugar syrup.

White Cake

Scene: Gu Lang Yu (Food Edition) - White Cake

The cake’s rather tasteless. One gets a feeling that it should go with some kind of rich meat sauce.

BBQ Shell

Scene: Gu Lang Yu (Food Edition) - BBQ Shell

Chewy, spicy and like escargot – rubbery. Beer food on the not-so-cheap.

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