Dec 22, 2010

24 hours in Changi Airport…

Stayed in Changi Airport for 24 hours. Blur like Sotong, but hey I got a story out of it. And if you’re thinking of visiting Singapore, visit the airport.

There’s plenty to see, do and of course shop.


Travel chaos has hit parts of Europe, hitting the holiday plans of thousands of tourists. Many have been left stranded as key airports like London's Heathrow shut down due to severe weather.


And when you are not snowed in, airports generally are transitory places: fly in, hustle for bags, then into a taxi, perhaps with duty-free goodies.


However, stuck with nowhere to go, an airport can be torture. Admittedly it is not going to snow in Singapore anytime soon, but this is probably the best place to camp out an an airport anywhere in the world.


Changi Airport, recently voted the World's Best Airport, has plenty to eat/see/do/shop -- so much so that this writer came away rested, inspired and without a single aching muscle. Beat that Heathrow!!

More at: I was trapped (voluntarily) in Changi Airport ... and I loved it!

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