Dec 11, 2013

Exercise: Upper Body + Pylometrics

Been working out for the last few weeks. Today’s workout is easy-peasy after Saturday’s helter-skelter run, hang cleans and an achy-breaky back.


The Routine

  • 200 X Decline Push Ups
  • 60 X Pull Ups
  • 5 X Suicide Drills (700m in all)
  • 38min Biking
  • 15min Bagwork (Roundhouse, Hooks, Jabs & Crosses)


Exercise of the day: Push Ups

Push Ups rock. It works the core, chest, shoulders and triceps. The more you do it, the leaner you get. There are so many mind-boggling variations and best of all, you just need a bit of floor space to get going.

I prefer Decline Push Ups (see image above) to work out my upper pectorals and abs. The method’s simple: grab a chair, put your feet on it, place your hands on the floor and push up from the ground.


Just a couple of pointers when you’re doing it:

  1. Keep your body stiff. Don’t use momentum or sag your middle
  2. Don’t drop down. Lower yourself slowly

Rock on.

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