Dec 13, 2013

Exercise: Hangs into Rest

Woke up ambitious and lifted flat.

I was stoked to do my Hang Cleans but I ran out of gas midway into the first set. That pretty much set the tone for the rest of the morning’s exercises. Flat in the middle.


Instead of going head to head by lifting and possibly injuring myself, I took a break for the day to recover.

The Routine

  • 30 X Hang Cleans
  • 10 X Shoulder Presses
  • 10 X Bent Over Rows
  • 50 X Deadlifts
  • 15 min Cycling

Exercise of the day: Active Rest

Explosive exercises take a lot out of me. I’m pooped, flat and ready to kneel over once I’m done with my sets. That’s why I need rest. But I’m not crazy about sleeping it off like a piglet (although it’s great!).

Hence Active Rest. It seems like an oxymoronic term, but it works. Active Rest is essentially low intensity exercises to “flush out latic acid and send oxygenated blood to the muscles“.

What to do: Do your usual exercises at 30% of weight or intensity. I usually do a bicycle ride on flat ground at a fairly leisurely pace (20km/h) if I’ve sore legs. For sore upper body muscles, I’d do planks and a throw in a few bodyweight push-ups or rows for good measure.

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