Dec 16, 2013

Exercise: Lots of Running and Some Hanging

I lift stuff. But every now and then, I take my bike out for a spin, or whack my punching bag, or run around on the basketball court – despite a gimpy knee.

One of my least favourite exercises, but oh-so-useful, is the Suicide Drill. This is how I feel after 1 set of those drills.

Source: Coloradoan

The Routine:

  • 50 X Hang Cleans
  • 50 X Pull Ups
  • 200 X Push Ups
  • 2 X Suicide Drills (Yup, I’m a wussy)
  • Basketball shooting drills
  • 15 min of bag kicking

Exercise of the day: Suicide Drills

Essentially, it’s a sprint drill where we run/sprint up and down the basketball court: to the foul line and back; to the half court and back; to other foul line and back; and to the other end and back.

It builds cardiovascular strength, agility, blah blah… it does what interval training routines do -- makes you stronger!!! Woot!

A How-To do Suicide Drills – brought to you by a bunch of basketball kids. .

Running Suicide Drills

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