Nov 25, 2013

Slow Roast Beef

Decided to break out the oven to do some roasting for the heck of it. Since I’m a beef person, I thought I’d make a slow roast beef (3 hours of roasting on low heat) just to see how it turned out.

Find Out How to Do It

Google rocks big time. I used this 3-hour roast beef recipe from and modified it on the cut of beef that I was getting.

Buy & Marinate the Beef

No beef. No roast. I bought a 1.6kg slab of sirloin with fat on the top. So I could leave it to cook without basting it every hour or so.

Pat it dry. Massage salt and Szechuan peppers into the roast, and stick slices of garlic into the roast.


Cook the Roast!

Easy. Turn up the temperature to 180C and let it sizzle for 20min. Then slowly cook it for 180min at 100C. Just leave it alone. Seriously. Don’t touch that dial! The below picture is the end product, I had to turn up the temperature to 250C for 3min to brown the fat.


Rest, Cut, Serve, Eat

Extract and rest the roast for 20min. Then slice it up for dinner chomping! Feeds up to 5 moderate eaters.


Next Cooking Experiment

This little experiment is turning me onto cooking again.

I’m doing another roast over the next weekend. I’m thinking Moroccan Lamb with Laotian Tomato-Chilli Dip, Creamed Spinach and flavoured baked rice.

Rock on.

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