Apr 14, 2011

My First Drink

I had my first beer today after 60 days of being on the high-and-dry wagon.

I didn’t need it.


Really. I didn’t.

But I took it all the same to show that my period of abstinence had ended.

So there it was, 1 pint and a bit more of dark beer and a golden Tiger: sweet, fizzy and kind of cloying.

It wasn’t as flavourful nor as amazing as I thought it’d be.

In fact, the beer bit into my stomach and it churns and churns and churns (although I think that a meal of ma la beef  麻辣牛肉 might have caused the gurgles). Regardless, the drink was a psychologically satisfying reward.

Best to mark the end of cold turkey days and as good bye to chug-a-lug beers.

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