Jun 16, 2010

Soooo…. we’re flooded

A flash flood in Orchard Road has gotten the social sphere buzzing like bees. After all, the gahmen has taken steps to drain water away. They’ve also made the bold (and now untrue) proclamation that it’ll never flood, which most netizens have dug up and soundly panned.

I’m actually quite nostalgic about it. As Bukit Timah, when I was a kid, used to be prone to heavy floods that reached up to my waist. I hated it whenever I had to wade from school to home in latte-coloured waters.

Kheam Hock Road. (circa 1964).

Peter Chan, who blogs at http://goodmorningyesterday.blogspot.com/, reminisced…

In 1977, I faced an even more challenging moment when my Mini Clubman was caught in a flash flood along Napier Road, just outside Tyersall Avenue. Tactical “interplay” between clutch and first gear ensured that I got through the flood waters. When I inspected the car, I could squeeze water out of the car seats. No wonder my pants were always damp for next couple of months.

It wasn’t the best of times. While I don’t miss the floods, it was a part of my growing up. How things have changed!

Read Singapore Under Water by Peter Chan for more yesteryear tales.

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