Apr 5, 2010

iPad Teardown

The iPad’s out and it has incited a rush for it. Kind of like MacDonald’s Hello Kitty debacle way back in 2000.

Hopefully when it appears on our shores, we won’t go cluster-f**k over it, yeah?

Anyways, this post is about tearing apart the iPad in a methodical manner. Both of which (tearing apart the closed-mouth i-whatever and the methodology) appeal greatly to my senses.

ifixit.com specialises in ripping up and tearing down i-products to find out what makes it tick

We got a sneak peak inside the iPad yesterday, when we were able to un-redact the FCC's test photos. Be warned, however: what you see there is with a pre-production unit, while the photos here are from a unit purchased at retail.

If you’ve the time, destructive tendencies and money for an iPad, pop over to the ifixit site for a lesson in deconstructing the latest fad.


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