Apr 7, 2010

Back to the Basic Fundamentals

Type: Cardio/Core
3pm, home

Yes yes, I know that “basic” and “fundamentals” in the same sentence is an oxymoron. But I couldn’t resist the 1980s Japanese game lingo (like “All your base are belong to us”).


I took a few days to rest and work on my core. In fact, today my first run around in a week. Not very “Wah” I know but the drop off was quite steep. It’s harder to breathe and my leaden legs refuse to move.

Regardless, it’s one step in a long road to full on exercise routines again. 

Exercises for the day


  1. Run (2.3km; 12.23min)


  1. 3 sets X Torso twists (20 X)
  2. 3 sets X Draw-in crunches on exercise ball (20 X)
  3. 3 sets X Supine bridges (30 sec)
  4. 3 sets X Lower abs (15 X)

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