Jan 20, 2011

A Letter to SCGS

I take the bus from home to City Hall every Monday.

And every Monday, just past the Whitley Road Flyover and at 1pm-ish, I run into long car queues that snake out of PIE exit and into the entrance of Singapore Chinese Girls School (SCGS).

DSCN0770 (1024x768)
Car queue choking up lanes 

In the line are luxury cars such as Mercedes, BMWs, and family-friendly, space-hogging SUVs. The drivers wait patiently for the gates to open and they never look to their right – where they squash and block other cars and buses. Naturally, one thinks that it will end end at the gates.

What nonsense. 

The cars continue past the gates and crest of SCGS. Only now, the Mercedes, BMWs and family-friendly SUVs are empty and neatly parked by the roadside. They line up past the bus stop, willy-nilly on double-yellow lines, while dads, moms, god-knows-who-else loiter on the pavements for their precioussss.

DSCN0782 (1024x768)
Cars parked at bus stop

DSCN0783 (1024x768)
Cars parked at bus stop

It’s a bloody annoyance. And I’m making it my business to shame, disgrace both institution and overly-sheltering parents.

This email will be the first slavo.

Dated: 18 Jan, 12:31 PM
Subject: Traffic Congestion along Dunearn Road


I experience traffic congestion along Dunearn Road -- at 1-2pm (ish).

Also, I see cars parked willy-nilly along the side of the road, which includes the bus stop. I'm assuming that these cars belong to parents who come to pick up SCGS students.

My question: What are you doing to help ease this congestion?

I understand that it's not really your jurisdiction, but I'd like to know if you're doing anything about it.


I wait with bated breath for their reply.

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