Jan 11, 2011

Creative Typography in Ads

Typography can a graphic maketh.

After all, plain ol’ words – even in Helvetica – is rather boring on its own. I’m not an expert (Zedy at Hipbip.com is a better design resource), but these ads make creative fun of words.


HongKiat.com has a whole lot to say about using Typography in ads. I loved its breakdown on Visual Puns (reproduced below)

Anatomy of a visual pun:

  1. Take words such as "bad credit," "taxes," and "bills."
  2. Take the shape of prison bars. 
  3. Combine the two by making the bars out of the words.
  4. Add a subtitle, such as "Don’t be a prisoner to your finances."



More uses on Typography in ads over at HongKiat.com.

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